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Last updated 08/23/2017.
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Mike & Key Logo The Mike and Key Amateur Radio Club is a Seattle, Washington (USA) area organization devoted to all aspects of Amateur Radio Operation.

The club focus is helping the community through training our members and practicing our skills through Public Service.

This document is intended as an introduction to the Club for new and relocated Amateur Radio Operators in the area as well as a guide for prospective members.

All information is subject to change and provided with no guarantee of accuracy.  (But we do our best to keep it up-to-date)



The Mike and Key Amateur Radio Club was initially founded in 1963 under "Pop" Brown, K7LED, and was in existence for 5 years before disbanding due to a lack of activity. In 1970, it was reorganized and has remained as one of the most active and viable Radio Clubs in the Seattle area for over thirty five years.

Activity in the Club is as varied as the hobby of Amateur Radio itself.   Within the Club there are groups that engage in Public Service, Contesting, DX, VHF/UHF, SSB, CW, Construction/Experimentation, Packet, and Traffic Handling. While the Club cannot be everything to everybody, it does provide a base of support for most radio interests.

Within the membership are many of the prominent "doers" and "shakers" of Pacific Northwest Amateur Radio. Members are encouraged to be "active" in the Hobby, the Club, and the Community.

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