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Last updated 06/14/2014.
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The Mike & Key is open to all persons interested in Amateur Radio, whether licensed or not.  The Club currently consists of approximately 200 members.  Membership applications may be obtained from the Vice-President at the General Membership meeting.  Applications are submitted to the Board for review and, upon approval, presented to the general membership for final election.  Dues are $12 yearly.  Family Memberships are available for multi- member households.

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Member List
Link to a list of Mike & Key ARC members.  The list contains first names and call signs.  It is sorted by call sign suffix.

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The Mike & Key Amateur Radio Club holds a General Membership meeting the third Saturday of each month.  Meetings are held every month of the year.  Currently, the membership meeting is held at the Renton Salvation Army Headquarters building at 720 South Tobin Street, (MapQuest Map) Renton WA.  This location is situated at the southeast corner of the Renton airport, one block North of the Renton Parking Garage.  The building is open for socializing, coffee, and doughnuts at 9:30 AM and the meeting starts at 10:00 AM.  Membership meetings generally consist of Officer and Committee reports, a half hour program related to Amateur Radio, and a raffle.  A short break is held mid-meeting.  All persons interested in Amateur Radio are invited to attend Mike & Key meetings.

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The Club maintains a Post Office box as its established mailing address.  Please direct all correspondence to this address and it should be used for all official Club business.  The address is:

        Mike & Key ARC
        P.O. Box 4234
        Renton, WA 98057-4234

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Formerly the call of our founder "Pop" Brown, the Club requested and received the call K7LED.  The call is reserved for Club operations and repeaters.  The call may be used by members for special events after receiving permission of the Radio Officer and a copy of the Club License.

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The Club operates two FM repeaters under the call K7LED.  These are located at:
  • 146.82/146.22 MHz. - the two meter band
  • 224.12/222.52 MHz. - the 220 MHz band
The two meter repeater requires a tone squelch signal (PL) of 103.5 for access.  The Club does not operate a 440MHz repeater.  These repeaters are open to all amateur radio operators and no donations are accepted towards their operation.  In addition, the Club prefers that prospective members do not join if their only intention is to "just support the repeater".

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The Mike & Key is an affiliated club of the ARRL and Northwest Division ARRL.  All members are encouraged to become members of the League.

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The Officer's and Trustee's of the Club hold monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month to transact the Club business.  The meetings are held at the Renton Salvation Army Headquarters building at 720 South Tobin Street, (MapQuest Map) Renton WA.  Board meetings start at 7:15PM.  All Mike & Key members are invited to participate in the Board meetings.

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The Club has a Board of Officers and Trustees to run the organization.  There are six officers and five trustees.  The officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Manager, and Radio Officer.  All positions are open to election except the Radio Officer position which is appointed. 

Officer positions are for 1 year and Trustee positions are held for 2 years.  Odd numbered trustee positions are filled in odd year elections and even numbered positions are filled in even years.  Elections are conducted at the March general meeting.

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Feel free to contact the following persons for other information regarding the Mike & Key ARC
  • Central and South King County - - -
    Michael Dinkelman, N7WA (253) 631-3756 (eves)
  • East and North King County - - -
    Jim Etzwiler, KD7BAT (425) 788-7887 (eves)
  • or send e-mail to the Mike and Key ARC

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For more information or comments, corrections, or additions to this site,
Please email us at: info@mikeandkey.org or
Jim Etzwiler - KD7BAT.
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